If there’s one thing men love talking about with their buddies, it’s how awesome they are in bed. Thanks to generic male stereotypes however, men often find themselves placed under a lot of pressure to perform sexually. If a man feels he’s done a great job in the sack, you can bet your bottom dollar that his buddies at the bar will hear about it the next time they’re together. But what about when things aren’t going so great in the bedroom? Being a good lover is a lot harder than most people realize. Furthermore, if for some reason, a man is unable to perform sexually, he is sadly often ridiculed, and that needs to stop. We all go through dry spells and we all sometimes have our off days. If you’re looking to perform better sexually, here are a few of the keys to being amazing in bed.


Be comfortable with your sexual partner – It doesn’t matter whether you’re sleeping with a girlfriend, a wife, or even a ‘friend with benefits’ when it comes down to it, it’s important to be comfortable with your sexual partner. A lot of men like to brag about their sexual conquests after hitting the bars and clubs over the weekend, and while they may indeed have gotten laid, we’d be shocked if the sex was as fantastic as they made it out to be. Being comfortable with who you’re sleeping with is a massive bonus. It allows you to be yourself, it takes the pressure off of you to perform, and it enables you to get to know her and find out what she does and doesn’t like sexually.


Know what she likes – As we touched upon previously, it’s important that you take the time to get to know what your sexual partner likes and dislikes. If she happens to have a thing for French kissing, you know that a little Frenching will probably work in your favour. If you know she hates it, you’ll know to keep your kisses tongue-free. Knowing what she finds attractive and what turns her on sexually will be a massive benefit for you and will certainly work very well in your favour. Remember, being great in bed isn’t just getting your rocks off, it’s ensuring your partner has just as much fun as you.


Consider using supplements – Like it or not, but as you grow older time is against you sexually. As we grow older, we find our testosterone levels naturally lowering, which can affect our sex drive, circulation, hormonal balances, and more. This is where it pays to consider using natural supplements. Look for supplements containing testosterone-boosters such as Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Korean Ginseng, Maca Extract, and so on. Supplements containing Nitric Oxide-boosting ingredients also work well, as they can boost circulation. Better circulation means greater erections and a higher libido.


Exercise – Exercise is beneficial in a number of ways when it comes to sex. To begin with, the fitter you are the better you will be able to perform sexually and the longer you will last. On top of that, exercise helps you to lose weight which will boost self-confidence. Plus, exercise boosts stamina and endurance and helps increase endorphins, which put you in a better mood. Combine all of this together and you have the perfect recipe for a night of passion.