Every individual has an odor signature which is significantly determined by health, genetics and personal grooming. Apart from that, some foods can play a significant role in making the body produce odor.

Most people believe sweat is the primary cause of odor in our bodies. Some foods have potent substances that are excreted in sweat or smelled on your breath. The following foods will undoubtedly cause a body odor.


Did you know your favorite spices like cumin and curry may cause bad breath and body odor? When you consume these species, your body digests sulfurous gases that are eventually eliminated through the pores.

Though most of them are correctly used in your body, others remain in your bloodstream to be removed later.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are full of sulfur that is broken down by your body into compounds that are similar to those that produce the smell of rancid butter. Your body absorbs these compounds and is excreted in your sweat.

Just after an hour of consuming these vegetables, your body odor changes for the worst. However, you should not avoid consuming these foods, because they are healthy. To reduce the sulfur in these veggies, dip them in water seasoned with sea salt. The process will eliminate the chemicals that produce odor.


Do you love eating pork? Well, high consumption of pork causes body odor. Pork products like bacon, sausage an pates increase the acidity of your stomach which leads to the formation of gas.

The process of breaking down pork is slow in your digestive system. It contains high contents of both chemicals and fats that upset your metabolic functions that are significant in the elimination of toxins.


Most people tend to avoid eating garlic, because of the strong smell they produce and remain on their breath for an extended period. Besides, garlic is rich in volatile sulfur compounds that make your sweat to smell bad. After the process of digestion is complete, the substances are absorbed into the bloodstream, and it eventually makes both your breath and skin to take the signature odor.

Red Meat

Red meat contains proteins that make it hard for your body to digest and remain in your intestines for an extended period, causing them to ferment and produce body odor. High consumption of red meat leads intestinal inflammation, constipation and` continuous production of gas.