If you read fitness magazines, or browse social media nowadays, it seems that you can’t get away from smug fitness “experts” and personal trainers, telling you what you should be doing. These people seemingly live in the gym, their idea of a cheat meal is cooking their skinless chicken breast with a teaspoon of coconut oil instead of steaming it, and they are very quick to cast judgement onto you for daring to have a social life and enjoy food that actually has some taste to it. As annoying as these people can be, they do unfortunately have a point. Society as a whole, is generally unhealthy. Obesity levels are up, mortality rates are up, and life expectancies are down. Something has to be done. Statistically, men are unhealthier than women, which is why today we are going to address several unhealthy lifestyle habits of men, and how they can be addressed.

Snacking – Okay, you’ve been to work, you may even have called in at the gym after, and you’re now home to unwind for the evening. After showering, changing and eating, it may be time to settle down in front of the TV. When you do so however, do you sit alone, or do you tend to snack on a little something, even if you aren’t hungry? Snacking when you aren’t hungry becomes a habit, as you automatically associate relaxing in front of the TV with snacking. This means that your brain cries our for snacks whenever you sit down, even if you aren’t hungry. Snacking means that you are constantly putting more calories into your body, which will in turn help promote weight gain. Most snacks are also packed full of trans fats, salt, sugar, and other chemicals that do you no good at all. Even healthy snacks like plain nuts still contain calories. If you are generally peckish, grab a light and healthy snack, otherwise drink a glass of water instead.

Drinking too much booze – Virtually all well-known and loveable TV dads like nothing more than a nice frosty beer. In fact, men enjoying beer is almost a cliché it’s that played out. If you genuinely do enjoy a beer, wine, cider, whiskey, rum, or anything else, it may be worth addressing just how much alcohol you consume. A lot of men out there drink at least one beer or glass of wine a night, if not more. During the weekend, this number can be five times as much, or even higher. Alcohol suppresses the metabolism, it increases blood pressure, it helps kill libido and testosterone production, and it promotes obesity. It is also a natural depressant. The odd beer now and then is fine, but if you regularly binge-drink, or drink every day, it might be time to cut back.

Smoking – Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits in the world. Cigarettes are packed full of chemicals, smoking causes cancer, smoking can cause heart disease, smoking kills your libido, smoking can cause erectile dysfunction, smoking is an expensive habit, smoking makes you smell, smoking stains your skin, smoking makes you look older than you are, in fact, we could go on all day. Smoking is an awful habit and if you value your life you will do everything in your power to break that habit.